5 Myths Regarding Lawn Care

Lawn care myths can be found almost anywhere. In this article, we will discuss these myths briefly.

5 myths and the truth about them:

Myth One: Grass Is All Equal

This is not true! Each type of grass needs to be cared for properly, so consult your manual on how to care and nurture your lawn.

Myth Two: Lowering Your Blades Makes Cutting Less Frequent

This is a mistake to definitely not make, as lowering your blades can severely damage your lawn. Keep your blades raised during the hot months to enjoy a healthy and green lawn.

Myth Three: You Should Bag Your Clippings

Mulching instead of bagging your clippings provides your lawn with more nutrients. It can also make it easier and faster to cut.

Also, leaving your clippings on your lawn is a good idea, as these are composed of mostly water. They will quickly break down, blending with your lawn’s soil and helping it to stay healthy.

Myth Four: You Need to Mow in the Same Pattern

Doing this can actually deprive your lawn of sunlight and nutrients that it needs to stay healthy. Change up how you mow once per week, such as mowing horizontally once and then vertically the next time.

Myth Five: Watering By Hand Saves Money

A lot of individuals focus on part of the lawn, often over watering while neglecting other patches. This can cause an uneven lawn as well as a high water bill.

These days, sprinklers can save money and water your lawn conservatively better than ever. This may be your best bet when it comes to watering your lawn.


In conclusion, there are many lawn care myths out there so be sure to educate yourself and learn the truth. That way, you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful Lawn Care Springboro Ohio.