A Brief Guide: How Does Termite Extermination Work?

When it comes to an infestation of roaches, rats or fleas on your property, you can generally take care of it using over-the-counter treatment products. However, treating a termite infestation requires specialist training and strong chemicals. Termites can be a real nuisance and if you allow the infestation to get out of control, the pests can cause some serious damage to your family home. The most effective way to minimize any potential damage is early detection. With that in mind, here are some common signs that your home has a termite infestation:

Common Signs of Termite Activity in a Home

Discarded Wings �” Just after swarming, alates start to shed their wings. Therefore, a common sign of an infestation is discarded wings in lampshades and on windowsills.

Shelter Tubes �” Many types of termites dig shelter tubes into brickwork, concrete, cinderblock and other manmade building materials in order to reach some natural wood. If you spot mini tunnels in your walls, if you gently start breaking them open, you may see live termites inside.

Decaying wood �” Wood can be easily damaged by water and mold; however, you can tell if any wood damage is caused by a termite infestation because the damage will follow the grain and there will be lines of discarded soil near the damage.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to detect a termite infestation before a lot of damage is caused to the structural integrity of your property. This is because termites work from the inside out in order to damage main wooden structural beams. That said, it takes termites several years to do significant damage, so if you notice the first signs of an infestation, you actually have quite a lot of time to seek out treatment options.

Hire a Professional Exterminator

Treating an infestation generally requires homeowners to hire a professional exterminator. Such professionals have the specialist tools needs to detect and access the scale of an infestation. Here are some common extermination methods used by the professionals:

Repellents �” These are generally chemical based and are placed in areas of your home that are not yet colonized by termites.

Baits �” All types of cellulose-containing materials, such as wood and cardboard can be used to bait termites. The materials are soaked in industrial grade pesticides. Termites then eat the toxic bait material and take small amounts back to their nests, resulting in the rest of the colony being poisoned.

Termiticide �” In the case of a severe infestation, exterminators may have to pump gallons of termiticide into wall cavities in order to eradicate all termite nests. In addition, insecticide will be sprayed near every possible entry point, preventing any more termites from getting into your home.

Hire Termite Extermination Company

Fortunately, there are many great professional termite extermination companies located in just about every state in North America. In order to ensure that you hire a professional who is properly licensed to carry out an extermination treatment on your property, it is advisable to research how your district governs termite control measures. You should only ever hire people who are qualified and licensed. Visit Us to know more!