How Should You Schedule Yard Work And Home Improvement?

Owning a home is a great blessing in life, part of the American dream, and something you struggled hard to accomplish. Once you have your own place, you want to do the best you can at keeping it up. You not only want it to look nice, but you hope to slowly upgrade the property as you figure out your tastes, needs, and preferences as you go along. Scheduling lawn work and home improvement is critical to making sure everything gets done.

Lawn Care

Create A List of All Tasks

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a master list of all the individual tasks that need to happen. This should look ahead at least a year so you don’t miss out on semiannual gutter cleanings and other seasonal events. The list might scare you with its length, but it is a necessity in order to cover all your bases.

Make Everyone in the Home Contribute to the List

The second thing you should do is find ways to make sure everyone in the home contributes to the list if they are able. Very old and infirm relatives might not be able to help out with anything, nor can you reasonably expect young children to chip in. Anyone that is ambulatory and in their adult or adolescent years should very much contribute though, so that no one is seen as being the person that does all the work. Family happiness and health suffer in situations like that.

Take the chores that are easiest and assign them to who can do them. That might mean teenagers do a lot of mowing and raking leaves, as well as get the brunt of the yard work while on summer vacation.

Do save some specific tasks for yourself. You want to be the one responsible for anything involving contractors, purchasing decisions, or just anything that has to be done right the first time.

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