Tips and Best Practices For Your Lawn

A well-maintained lawn is the highlight of summer. It is the place where children can run around barefooted and the backdrop for barbecues. With just a few care tips, your lawn can be appealing, healthy and lavish as a carpet.

Here are a few yard care tips and practices that will lend your yard some extra curb appeal this summer.

Water Early and Deeply

The wee hours of the morning are the best time to water your lawn. So, if you have sprinklers, set them to do their job early in the morning. This helps prevent water from evaporating from intense summer heat.

Also, ensure that you water the lawn deeply. This simply means thorough watering and letting the water to soak in, instead of doing it briefly and often.

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Water Carefully

Summer is a season where the weather really heats up. Your lawn will need at least an inch of water a week if you want it to remain in a healthy state. Consider giving the lawn a bit of extra water when the temperature goes over the roof.


This has to be the least enjoyable part of lawn care. However, it has to be done. Summer is the best time to weed since they tend to bloom and release seeds for next season. The idea is to reduce the chances of this happening. Uprooting the weeds using your hands is the best way to handle this since it causes the least stress to the lawn. If you plan on using a chemical spray, ensure that it’s natural or non-toxic for your grass and the environment.

Avoid Fertilizing

Fertilizing your lawn, especially when it’s scorching hot will only cause discoloration. If possible, use organic fertilizers since they contain fewer chemicals and are less likely to burn the grass. However, avoid doing this during summer as any fresh plant tends to struggle with fertilizers in intense heat.

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